Floor Splits

Split Floor Dances.  In an effort to increase participation, the use of floor splits started in 2006.  Because of the very positive response, a tradition was started!

Basic guidelines on selection of floor splits are to use floor splits from the previous year if reasonable and to use the same floor split dance for 2 or more dances if possible.   The simple guidelines are intended to reduce both the total number of floor splits and the number of new floor split dances to make it easier for the instructors and the less experienced dancers.

Floor splits and tags/restarts are now available for most of the 2018 dances.  Click on this link Floor Splits for 2018 for the list of floor split dances for this year’s dances.  The links in the pdf file are working links to the Copper knob step sheet.  Just click on the link for a step sheet.  If you have a question about any the floor split dances or their tags/restarts, please contact the Jam coordinators or c.archer@att.net.

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