New Dance Selection

Over the last several years there has been quite a bit of discussion that the Jam dances are outdated by the time the Jam happens. We would like to try a new dance selection process which will keep the dances more current and the Jam more appealing.

New Dance Selection Process.  The year will be divided into four quarters. The 1st quarter will include December-February.  The 2nd quarter will include March-May and the 3rd quarter will include June-August. The last quarter will include September-November.  Since the last quarter is close to or during the Jamboree, it will be combined with the 1st quarter. So, in effect there will be three time periods.

Cheryl Rogers and Nikki Simpson will monitor three well-known line dance survey sites, that is, Worldlinedancenewsletter, Copperknob, and Linedancer.  Ten popular dances will be selected at the end of each of the three periods.  These 10 dances known as “nominated dances” will be submitted to the Texas teachers at the end of each period (that is, March 1, June 1, and Sept 1).  The teachers will have 15 days to vote for their 5 favorites dances (by March 15, June 15, and Sept 15, respectively).  The votes will be tallied and the 5 dances with the most votes at the end of each of the three periods will become Primary Dances for the Jamboree for that year.

This procedure will give us a total of 15 Primary Dances and 25 Favorite Dances for the year for the Jamboree. We may consider increasing the Primary Dance numbers gradually each year and decreasing the Favorite Dances until the Jamboree is made up primarily of Primary Dances.

The Jamboree will continue to be held in October. However we plan to hold it at various cities throughout Texas as we find “top notch” facilities to host at.

Workshop on Longer Needed.  Because of this new process, the Jamboree Workshop will no longer be necessary. Michael and Michele agree wholeheartedly with this decision. There are so many video opportunities on YouTube, Copperknob etc. that we don’t really need the live presentations to teach the nominated dances anymore. A huge “thanks” to all of you who supported the Workshop over the years. We look forward to seeing you at the Jam!

This is a new era for Texas Line Dancing and we hope you will embrace it enthusiastically. Thanks for your continued support. Here’s to making Texas Line Dancing even Bigger and Better!


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