Dances for 2018

Saturday Dances.  Saturday is the main day of the Jamboree. The Jam dance list for Saturday is made up of this year’s 15 Primary Dances plus this year’s 25 Favorite Dances.

  • The Primary Dances are the new dances selected each year for the Jam. We are working on selecting the 15 new dances for this year.
  • The Favorite Dances are selected from the past Jam dances and are usually chosen each year in December or early January based on a vote by the Jam instructors representing their dancers.  This year we chose 25 of the past dances.

2018 Primary and Favorite Dances. Click here for a printable list of the 2018 Dances.  The New and Favorite Dances are listed in alphabetical order. We hope your favorite dance is on the list!  In the list, click on the name of the dance for a step sheet. Most of the links are to Copperknob where you’ll usually find a video with the step sheet. For another video, you might try or the choreographer’s website. Kickit has an extensive list of choreographer websites, as does the World Line Dance Newsletter.


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