The Weekend Agenda for Jam 2018:

Friday, October 19:

  • 2 PM.  Doors open for registration and to pick up your packet
  • 3-5 PM.  Open Dance 
  • 5-7 PM.  Dinner Break
  • 7-9 PM.  Pre-Jam Party  (Jam theme… Tailgate Party!  See more below!)

Saturday, October 20:

  • 9 AM.  Doors open for registration
  • 9-10 AM.  Open Dance
  • 10 – 12:30.  Jamboree
  • 12:30 – 1:30 PM. Lunch/Open Dance
  • 1:30 – 4:30 PM.  Jamboree

Jam Theme. Waco is a pretty BIG FOOTBALL TOWN, and what is the most important part of the game? Why, it’s Tailgating, of course, in the back of a pickup truck!

So, can you guess the theme for this year’s Jamboree? You’re right… it’s a TAILGATE PARTY!

On Friday night after gulping down a few hot dogs, BBQ, and a few bottles of … well, you know… come to the Pre-Jam Party in your favorite tailgating clothes! What are those? Since tailgating is a pre-event tradition for sporting events, concerts and rodeos… just use your imagination! The funkier, the better… now you can start thinking about your costume!

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