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Welcome to the Texas Line Dance Jamboree Website!


Howdy Y'all, Jamboree 2015... Yee Haw!

San Antonio, TX

Cowboys Dance Hall

Oct 9-10... Mark your calendar now



Jam 2014, Conroe.   If you attended this year's Jam, you know that Mae Neihouse and Nikki Simpson and the Houston folks did an outstanding job hosting the Jamboree!  As you can see, there was there was a crowd... but we had fun.  We tip our hats to the many volunteers that helped!  Their efforts provided everyone with a great time.  Please let them know you appreciate all their work.

Right down the floor split!

And, we can't say enough about our special guests, Michael Barr and Michele Burton!  It was great to having them at the Jam... leading dances, providing souvenirs and memories, and their Saturday evening Workshop was exceptional!  They taught three very nice dances... Take These Chains, Beautiful Goodbye, and Right On Time.  We hope you were there!

Michael and Michele demoing Beautiful Goodbye

Jam 2015.  We have started updating the website for Jamboree 2015 in San Antonio.  Bea Imken and Lissa Bengtson are coordinators.  So far, we have only worked on the Home Page.


The 2015 Texas Line Dance Jamboree will be October 9-10, 2015, at Cowboys Dance Hall in San Antonio.  This is a new location, and it looks like it will be a lot of fun!  Hosts for the Jam  are Bea Imken beafitt@gmail.com and Lissa Bengtson lbengston@lake.ollusa.edu.

Cowboys Dance Hall


3030 NE Interstate 410 Loop

San Antonio, TX 78218



Cowboys Dance Hall claims to be the largest honky tonk dance hall in Texas... and it looks as if it may be! 


The 2015 Registration Form is now available... or you can Register On-line by clicking on the link. 

Cowboys Dance Hall, Outside

Outside of Cowboys Dance Hall




Jamboree 2015 Agenda:  Agenda details are being developed... a typical schedule is shown below... note that dances information for the Jam (Jam dances, Pre-party dances, Open dances) will begin to be developed in January, 2015:



  • Doors Open 1:00PM.  The doors will open Friday at 1:00 PM for registration.  Remember, all Friday activities are FREE but are restricted to registered participants of the Saturday Jamboree. 

  • Open Dance, 3-5PM.  There will be open dance from 3-5 PM Friday afternoon   according to the published Open Dance list but requests will be taken from the floor.  

  • Free Time, 5-7PM.  You are free from 5-7 PM for dinner.

  • Friday Pre-Jam Party, 7-9PM.  The Pre-Jam Party will be from 7-9 PM Friday evening.  Click here for the Pre-Jam Party dances. 


  • Doors Open 9:00AM.  The doors open for registration.

  • Jamboree, 10AM - 4PM.  The Jamboree will be 10:00 AM-4:00 PM, with lunch from 12:00 Noon-1:30 PM.  Check the Dance Info page for Jam dance information.  During breaks on Saturday, there will be Open Dance according to the published list. 




And Some Special Jam Info... a separate page may eventually be the best place for this information, but for now it will be here on the Home page. 


Instructors List Update.  Please check the Instructors List and send an update on your email address if necessary to Charles Archer c.archer@att.net.


Hosting a Future Jam.  Interested in hosting a Jam?  In the early days of the Jamboree, finding a Jam host was often an effort.  For the last few years, there have been more volunteers than Jams, which is not a bad thing!


Planning must start significantly in advance of the event.  To help ensure the selection is open, fair and available to everyone, the following table will be available on the website.  As situations can change over time, it likely will be best not to project more than about 4 years in advance.  The following have volunteered as Jamboree hosts.  After each Jam in October, another year will be added to the table... if a year is blank that means it is open to potential hosts.


Jam 2015 - Bea Imken & Lissa Bengtson (co-hosts, San Antonio)

Jam 2016 - Cheryl Rogers (Houston)

Jam 2017 - Barbara Albright (Dallas)

Jam 2018 - ???

Jam 2019 - ???

Jam 2020 - Nikki Simpson (Dallas)


Using feedback from some past Jam coordinators, some general guidelines are being drafted to help potential hosts.  Hopefully, the draft will be available in a couple of months to be sent to Texas teachers for their input.


If you are interested in hosting a Jamboree and would like your name included on the list, please send a note to Charles Archer (c.archer@att.net). 


Questions, suggestions, and comments are welcome.